Quality & Care

Quality :
Top Gem
Flawless with excellent


Flawless on at least 90% of the surface, very high luster as a minimum.


May show visible imperfections to no more
than 30% of the surface
with a high luster.


Defects tolerated to no
more than 60% of the surface of which 10%
may be deep
imperfections, medium luster.


Slight flaws covering 60%
and deep imperfections to
no more than 20% of the
surface, poor luster.
Size / Colour :

Size: variable between 8-16 mm

Colour: most pearls have a darker base colour (black, green, grey) with lighter overtones (blue, aubergine, pink, yellow, bronze, gold)
Caring for pearls:

Whilst the coming into existence of a pearl is a complex interplay of co-operation and confrontation between Nature and Humanity caring for your pearl
is not.

Quality Tahitian Black and South Sea Pearls will give a lifetime and more of pleasure if cared for. Your pearl is a natural treasure to be passed on; and,
an investment. Although, once yours you will loathe parting with these quite joyful tears of the sea!

The best care you can offer your pearls is to wear them – let them breathe and absorb the humidity. Like us, they are sensitive to chemicals,
therefore, always apply cosmetics / perfume before wearing your pearls.
After wearing wipe with a soft damp cloth.
Do not store loosely with other gems or pieces of jewellery as abrasion may occur.
Pearl strands should be assessed every 2 years to ascertain if re-stringing is required.
If you have any questions about caring for your pearls, or, would like your pearls assessed please contact us.