A Brief Background:

Pearls are born of: chance encounters; romance; battles between man & nature and between men; secrets guarded with the passion of a jealous lover; years of a farmer’s
labour to nurture and coax these precious little tears of the sea from the oyster’s gentle hold; and, scientific investigation into the mystery of shape, colour, lustre that only nature can ever truly command. Man can do his best to impose his will, but, nature will humble
him at every turn. If there is one constant in pearl farming it is the environment. Pearls
thrive in pristine environments – it is no accident that the best white pearls are from the remote waters of northern Australia,  the best golden pearls from the remote Philippine region of Palawan; or, that the best black pearls are from the distant atolls and lagoons of French Polynesia.

Good pearl farmers MUST be environmentally sensitive if they seek to harvest high quality south sea pearls. There is no other way.

After retiring from the French Navy, Bora Bora Pearls founder, Alain Fall, succeeded in both romance and pearling in the paradise of French Polynesia. There he settled with his Tahitian / Australian wife, Norma, to raise their family and farm his pearls. More than fifteen years later, finding himself spending more time between Tahiti and Australia, Alain decided he would like a more settled environment from which he could share his joy, experience and expertise of pearls. To that end the Bora Bora Pearls boutique in Melbourne was created.

Along with the supremely beautiful Tahitian Black Pearls, which enchant with their sensual mystery and myriad colours, Bora Bora Pearls brings together the two other ‘greats’ of South Sea Pearls. The rare Golden Palawan Pearls from The Philippines and, of-course, from the remote north / north-western region of our own vast and formidable continent the pure White Australian Pearls. However, nature’s palette is anything but distinctly black & white, or golden! Subtle and not so subtle hues add multiple variations on these three essential colour themes. White – pink or silver overtones. Gold – apricot through green overtones. In between the white and gold can be found soft cream through lively champagne. Black – just pick a colour, truly! Though green, aubergine & silver-grey are more prominent.

We are often asked “What is the best pearl – the white, black or gold?”. For us, the answer is without doubt “The best pearl is the one that ‘speaks’ to you, regardless of whether it be white, black or gold”. At Bora Bora Pearls we believe that each pearl has its own unique character that will resonate with the character of the individual client. Some clients think that they can only wear one colour of pearl due to their own skin, hair or eye colouring. We believe that there is the right shade of white, gold and black pearls to suit all colour types. Remember too that for it is very, very rare indeed to find two (let alone more than two) pearls that are identical!

All South Sea Pearls represent one of the most beautiful collaborations between Nature and Man. Where this collaboration brings forth the greatest natural bounty is when Nature remains dominant rather than dominated by Man. The miracle of the oyster shell provides all the natural colours that captivate us in the Tahitian, Philippine or Australian pearls – Man need have no hand in this.

Our Commitment:

At Bora Bora Pearls we would like to share our passion for, and knowledge of,
pearls with you as you view our range and select your special piece.

We provide discrete private viewing and consultation; jewellery design, repair and
re-modelling; and, a warm friendly environment where everyone is a valued
visitor. We are drawn to pearls, as we are to people, through their unique

Come and find your ‘friend’ – we are sure it will be a friendship that lasts a
lifetime. To arrange a consultation, or, to make a general inquiry please contact

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